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Something About Me


Levilyn Chriss was born in New Orleans, raised in New York, and currently lives in Chicago. She started her studies at Kennedy King College where in 2011 she received her Associate in Applied Science Degree in Media Communications. Kennedy King afforded her the opportunity to build a solid interest in video, television production, and photography. Levilyn continued her education at Chicago State University where in 2013 she obtained her Bachelors Degree in Communications, Media, Arts, and Theater. Ms. Chriss sought after higher education and in 2016 received her Masters of Fine Arts Degree in Independent Film and Digital Imaging at Governors State University. Levilyn has worked on several different productions as a boom operator, production assistant, camera assistant and camera operator. My prior experience and education has afforded me the opportunity to produce this very delicate documentary.

The Importance of this Documentary

On December 1, 2005, when residents were allowed to go into the Lower Ninth Ward, I went into my father's home and was overwhelmed by the stench and damages. While walking through my dad's neighborhood observing the devastation, hearing the cries of many and talking to some of the residents who had become homeless, jobless, and disconnected from normalcy, I realized they needed a voice.






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